Part Time Jobs in Tamworth There are plenty of Part Time Jobs in Tamworth especially for the teens who are interested in making the money for their added responsibilities. Almost all the teens have the car now and they have to go for the parties and other extracurricular activities so they have to have some money in their pocket without disturbing their parents. The part time jobs available in Tamworth allow you to earn extra income for the students needs. If the individual is sixteen plus then the waiter or the waitress job would be the best choice as they are high paying jobs and they pay for the hourly basis of about $19 to $13 per hour. And for the good performance they can earn around $100 to $200 as tips. The people not only come for the good meal to the restaurant but they also look for the ambience and the host so if you provide that you will earn more. The next is the librarian job that pays around $8 to $12 per hour and you are a book worm then it is the right job for you as you can read your favorite author’s book and enjoy. They will also get plenty of time to read the subject books also. The Mow lawns will pay you some extra bucks but this is the summer job. The office jobs include the clerical work, receptionist etc… The retail shops like the pizza shops, grocery and pharmaceuticals will pay you more.